SportPremi is committed to transparency in our ownership and funding structures. This page provides detailed information about how SportPremi is owned, funded, and generates revenue.

Ownership Structure

SportPremi is owned and operated by Kingsley Neji, Founder and CEO. Mr. Neji oversees the company’s strategic direction and financial decisions.

Funding Sources

SportPremi is funded through three primary sources:

  • Personal Investment: The Founder provides personal funding to support the operations and growth of SportPremi.
  • Advertising Revenue: We generate revenue through advertisements displayed on our website, primarily using Google Adsense and HB Agency.
  • Affiliate Partnerships: We partner with sports-related businesses to promote their products and services, earning commissions on sales generated through our unique affiliate links and product impressions on our platform.

Revenue Streams

Our main revenue streams include advertising and sports affiliate partnerships, which sustain our website and enable us to produce high-quality sports content.

Grants and Sponsorships

Currently, SportPremi does not receive any grants or sponsorships. Any future agreements will be promptly disclosed and updated on this page.

At SportPremi, we prioritize transparency and accountability in our ownership and funding structures. This page will be regularly updated to reflect any changes in ownership or funding sources, ensuring ongoing transparency with our audience.