England 0-0 Nigeria: Team rating as Lionesses Triumph in Shootout to Secure a Quarterfinal Spot at FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

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  • Lionesses Secure Quarterfinals with 4-2 Penalty Win
  • Lauren James was red-carded for an altercation with Michelle Alozie
  • Lionesses quarterfinal challenge awaits, with Jamaica or Colombia as potential adversaries in the upcoming match
England 0-0 Nigeria: Team rating as Lionesses Triumph in Shootout to Secure a Quarterfinal Spot at FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

As the first half went on, England struggled to keep Nigeria’s attack at bay. The Super Falcons had nine attempts on goal, though only one was on target.

The second half unfolded with The Super Falcons of Nigeria maintaining their relentless attacking prowess. A glimmer of hope emerged for the Lionesses when Daly seized an opportunity with a free header from a corner in the 76th minute. However, Chiamaka Nnadozie’s vital save dashed the chance for England to take the lead.

Late in regular time, The Lionesses England faced a setback when Lauren James inadvertently made contact with Michelle Alozie in a collision between the players. The referee’s initial decision of a yellow card in favor of James was altered to a red after a comprehensive VAR examination on the sidelines, leaving England with ten players on the field.

During the shootout, tension was palpable as Georgia Stanway missed the opening penalty for the Lionesses. However, Nigeria’s Desire Oparanozie and Michelle Alozie also faltered, setting the stage for a decisive moment. Stepping up, Chloe Kelly seized the opportunity with unwavering composure, securing England’s advancement to the next round with a perfectly executed shot.

Player Ratings and Standout Performances

England’s Team Ratings:

Goalkeeper: 4.9/10

Mary Earsps made two crucial saves, one in normal time and one in the second half of extra time.

She was average on the day as the English defense covered her lapses.

Defenders: 8.510

The defenders maintained a commendable defensive structure, thwarting Nigeria’s attacking efforts with timely interceptions and resolute challenges.

Midfielders: 4.5/10

England’s midfield struggled to keep up with the tempo of the match as the Super Falcons of Nigeria seamlessly transitioned from defense to attack. The midfield battles often tilted in favor of the Nigerian side, disrupting England’s rhythm and creating challenges in maintaining possession and controlling the flow of the match.

Forwards: 5.1/10

The Lionesses of England attackers showed glimpses of ingenuity and determination, constantly testing the resilience of Nigeria’s defense. Despite their efforts, the coveted breakthrough proved elusive, as Nigeria’s defensive line held firm against the persistent attacks.

Notably, Nigeria’s defense showcased impressive strength, with their left and right backs excelling both defensively and in contributing to the team’s attacks. The well-rounded performance of their defensive unit made it challenging for England’s forwards to find gaps and exploit weaknesses in the backline. This solid defense became a key factor in thwarting England’s attempts to secure the decisive goal.

Nigeria’s Team Rating:

Goalkeeper: 8/10

Nigeria’s goalkeeper, Chiamaka Nnadozie, displayed remarkable skills, making crucial saves and demonstrating a strong command of her area, which added a layer of solidity to their defensive efforts.

Defenders: 7/10

Nigeria’s defense showcased exceptional strength, with the central defenders and full-backs working cohesively to break England’s advances. Their resolute defending created a sturdy foundation that England’s forwards found hard to break through, Plumtre had a chance to give Nigeria the lead but fired wide.

Midfielders: 6.5/10

The Super Falcons of Nigeria midfielders played a pivotal role in dictating the pace of the game, skillfully orchestrating transitions between defense and attack. Their ability to control the ball and distribute it effectively gave Nigeria an edge in midfield battles.

Forwards: 5.5/10

Although the Nigerian attack exhibited determination and creativity, converting their chances into goals proved to be their Achilles’ heel. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to capitalize on the opportunities they created, resulting in a somewhat average performance in the attacking third, Rasheedat Ajibade made lots of crosses into the box but none of the players were able to convert

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