Four nomination for the Lionesses in the 2023 Women’s Ballon d’Or

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Four nomination for the Lionesses in the 2023 Women’s Ballon d'Or  

In a remarkable achievement for England women’s football, three Lionesses have been named among the nominees for the highly anticipated 2023 Women’s Ballon d’Or. Rachel Daly, Millie Bright, Georgia Stanway, and Mary Earps have earned their spots on the list, which showcases the growing prominence of the England Women’s National Team on the global stage.

A win for English Women’s Football

After a narrow World Cup defeat to Spain in the 2023 Women’s World Cup final, the recognition of Rachel Daly, Millie Bright, and Georgia Stanway among the nominees is a testament to the rising prominence of English women’s football on the global stage.

Millie Bright

Millie Bright: Lionesses Defensive Rock

Millie Bright, who took the helm as the Lionesses’ stand-in World Cup captain, has not only led the team with grace and determination but has also earned a well-deserved spot on the shortlist for the 2023 Women’s Ballon d’Or. Four other Lionesses who have shone brightly, especially on the World Cup stage, join her on this prestigious list.

Rachel Daly

Rachel Daly: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Rachel Daly not only clinched the prestigious PFA Player of the Year award last season but also delivered an awe-inspiring performance on the field. With an astonishing tally of 22 goals in the Women’s Super League (WSL), she secured the coveted title of the league’s top scorer. Her brilliance extended beyond the league, as she scored

an impressive 30 goals across all competitions in the 2022/23 season.

Georgia Stanway

Georgia Stanway: A Rising Star

The English midfielder did excellently well for the Lionesses of England, scoring 8 goals in their FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifiers and a goal on the World Cup stage.

Mary Earps: Lionesses Of England Safe Hands

Manchester United goalie Mary Earps was undoubtedly one of the stars in the just-concluded 2023 Women’s World Cup. She made saves that kept the English Women’s team in the game and ensured they didn’t concede much at the tournament.

Mary Earps also won the Golden Glove award at the 2023 Women’s World Cup after four clean sheets.

List of 2023 Women’s Ballon d’Or Nominees

  • Alba Redondo (Spain)
  • Kadidiatou Diani (France)
  • Rachel Daly (England)
  • Linda Caicedo (Colombia)
  • Fridolina Rolfo (Sweden)
  • Amanda Ilestedt (Sweden)
  • Olga Carmona (Spain)
  • Hayley Raso (Australia)
  • Georgia Stanway (England)
  • Sophia Smith (United States)
  • Mary Earps (England)

When is the 2023 Women’s Ballon d’Or ceremony scheduled to begin, and when will the winner be revealed?

The 2023 Women’s Ballon d’Or ceremony will begin on Monday, October 30th, and the winner will be revealed during the event.

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