Sarina Wiegman wins the UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year for 2022/23

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Lionesses gaffer Sarina Wiegman has achieved the prestigious title of UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year for the 2022/23 season.

Wiegman’s remarkable leadership propelled the Lionesses to triumph in the Women’s Finalissima. This historic achievement set the stage for their journey to the FIFA Women’s World Cup final, marking the first time in their history. This outstanding accomplishment placed her ahead of her fellow contenders, Jorge Vilda and Jonatan Giráldez, securing her place as the recipient of this esteemed award. Notably, Wiegman’s win makes her the first individual to clinch this honor more than once, building on her previous triumph in the same category following England’s victory at UEFA Women’s EURO 2022.

This well-deserved accolade was awarded during the UEFA Champions League group stage draw ceremony held in Monaco, adding an extra layer of prestige to this historic moment in her coaching career.

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Why did Sarina Wiegman Earn the UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year Award?

Wiegman’s impressive track record speaks volumes about why she emerged as the deserving recipient of the UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year Award. Her journey all began when she took the role of England’s head coach in 2021, but her coaching prowess had already been showcased on the international stage. Prior to her tenure as Lionesses coach, Wiegman guided the Netherlands to a triumphant victory at the UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 and led them to the World Cup final just two years later.

Wiegman’s impact on England’s national team was remarkable. She played a pivotal role in England’s success as the host nation of EURO 2022, where they claimed victory. The magic continued in Australia and New Zealand during the summer, with Wiegman steering her team to the World Cup final, an extraordinary feat. While Spain ultimately clinched the title, Wiegman’s leadership brought the Lionesses closer to the pinnacle of women’s football.

Notably, Wiegman’s coaching brilliance sparkled throughout the journey. Despite facing challenges such as injuries to key players and suspensions, she displayed tactical acumen and motivational skills that set her apart. It’s worth highlighting that she made history by becoming the first coach to guide two different nations to a World Cup final, a testament to her exceptional coaching abilities.

The Dutch accolades in 2022 also included a significant triumph in April when the Lionesses secured victory over Brazil in a thrilling Women’s Finalissima, clinching the title through a penalty shootout. Additionally, her team triumphed in a home-friendly four-team tournament in February, further showcasing her coaching prowess.

In summary, Sarina Wiegman’s impressive coaching journey, remarkable achievements, and unwavering dedication to her teams underscore why she is the UEFA Women’s Coach of the Year.

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