Man United Set for Astounding £7.2bn-7.3bn Sale: Sheikh Jassim Breakthrough Unveiled

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  • Man United is set to be sold for £7.2 billion to £7.3 billion.
  • Sun reports that Club’s cost was evaluated at £6 billion, while other sources suggest a world record of £7.2 billion to £7.3 billion.
  • Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s bids remain as potential buyers of the club.
Man United Set for Astounding £7.2bn-7.3bn Sale: Sheikh Jassim Breakthrough Unveiled

Man United will be sold for between £7.2billion and £7.3billion, it has been claimed by various reports.

Nine months after Manchester United’s controversial owners the Glazers announced they were exploring “strategic alternatives” that could result in a sale of the club, a resolution seems imminent .

Bids from Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani and British petrochemicals billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe have remained on the table as the American owners prepare to reach a decision on the future of the Club, Manchester United.

After a protracted process, reports indicate that Sheikh Jassim is poised to be revealed as the incoming owner of Man United. Just this month, The Sun reported that the Qatari figure had achieved a significant breakthrough, positioning him as the frontrunner in the takeover of the club.

Meanwhile, while the Sun reported the takeover of the club would cost £6billion, another party has reported that the price will reach a world record £7.2million to £7.3million.

Meanwhile, Cardiff City chairman Mehmet Dalman cited the higher valuation while discussing the escalating expenses associated with Premier League football clubs.

Manchester United takeover:

While speaking about the price of English Premier League clubs, Mehmet Dalman claimed that Man United’s sale is on the verge of being announced for an enormous figure.

Speaking to the BBC, Mehmet Dalman said:

 “I’ve been meeting a lot with US private equity funds and the valuation of football clubs is going through the roof.

“Americans are determined to come into this market quite heavily.

“I spoke to the owners of Leeds when we were there, and Championship clubs are valued at three times their revenue, give or take.

“Manchester United are going to announce their sale at £7.2bn-7.3bn, which is roughly 10 times their revenue.

“Two or three years ago, we might have been talking about selling Cardiff for about £20m or £30m but now you’re going to have to look at £90m or £100m.

“Valuations [of Championship clubs] have all stretched. In terms of the money burned, you have a better chance of getting it back in this environment than you ever have before.”

Mehmet Dalman
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